Monday – Photos + Words

I haven’t blogged in almost 2 years, and I honestly was unsure if I would blog ever again. I even considered cancelling my domain and deleting all content. BUT that seemed big, and I just wasn’t ready to commit to that.

Do people even read blogs anymore? If you are here then I would love for you to leave a comment.

What’s brought me back to blogging?

I recently decided that I wanted to participate in Ali Edwards – Week in the Life this year, and (taking a hint from Ali) there no better place to document the photos/words than here on my blog.

Why did I decide to do Week in the Life now?

There’s been a lot of change in my life within the past 6 months. We sold our house of 17 years and moved in December. My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer. I resigned from my job of 18 years. So much is changing. Change is scary. Change is hard. Change is worth documenting.

I chose to document this week earlier than the paper crafting community, because this is my last full week at my current job of 18 years. I thought about documenting next week (I will be at my current job until Wednesday and will immediately transition to my new place of employment on Thursday), but I thought it may be too stressful/emotional and not a true representation of what my weeks have looked like for the past 18 years.

Without further ado…my photos and words for Monday.

Andy always gets up first. I get up not too long after, but Mya stays in bed as long as possible.

Make-up hasn’t always been part of my morning routine, but it is now. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older & noticing more fine lines and pores.

Normally, I work from home on Mondays, but this week I am going into the office to cover for someone who is on vacation. I left the house at 6:35 AM and will get home a little after 6 PM. This is my last full week of work at OSS. Feels strange.

One of the things I enjoy after work is getting a coffee from Starbucks. Their iced coffee is my fave. I often joke that this is my treat for getting through the work day.

I got home from work and Aidan wasn’t in his pajamas (which is unusual for him during summer break. He lives in his pjs during the summer.) When I expressed my shock that he was dressed, he informed me that he had pulled weeds from the landscaping. So proud of this kid. I mentioned to him the day before that he needed to pull weeds (we had told him this was part of his summer chore list), and I love that we don’t have to hound him to do things. He’s such a good kid!

Getting the mail is something we try to do on a daily basis. At our previous house, the mailbox was attached to the side of the house. Now we have to walk up the driveway to get the mail.

Orthodontic rubber bands are all over the house. Again, thankful that I don’t have to harp on Aidan to wear them. So many reminders of how great of a kid he is! I’m hoping that we are on track to get his braces off next week!

Aidan and I usually have a “fend for yourself dinner” on the nights Andy works. I hate making a big mess in the kitchen (especially if I’ve been working all day) when I’m just cooking for the two of us. I usually have a sandwich or leftovers. Aidan usually has a chicken patty or Hot Pockets and we just eat whenever we get hungry. I sit in front of the TV and Aidan eats at the kitchen table.

I love playing with this sweet dog.

I’ve been training a lot at work the past few years. 2 of the girls I trained last year got me this sweet going away gift; along with a card with the sweetest messages.

I’m working on getting all of the forms and documents completed for my new job.

Late night (8 PM) snacks are a must. Right now I’m loving Rice Krispies with bananas.

Andy rolled in around 8:30 this night. One of my favorite parts of the day is catching up with him on events from the day when he gets home.

Photos I didn’t take:

  • Photos throughout my work day. It’s difficult to take pictures at work due to HIPAA and because I’m so busy; there’s not a lot of time to pause.
  • Reading my Kindle in bed. I’m currently reading Verity by Colleen Hoover.

Apps I used throughout the day:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Weather app
  • Candy Crush
  • Tiki Solitaire

Things I watched / listened to:

  • Modern Family in the living room
  • Ted Bundy Tapes before bed
  • Southern Queeries Podcast

I’m excited for this project. I am curious how it will pan out compared to my weekly Project Life. I’m fairly detailed in documenting my weeks in that format, but I love the idea of having each day be documented in full.