Bible Journaling

Hello all! Today I have a different project to show you. I stumbled across Bible journaling about a year ago (give or take) on Shanna Noel’s blog and I loved everything about it! I absolutely loved the idea of diving into the Word in a creative way!! I’ve been collecting stamp sets, been purchasing & reading the devotionals from the Illustrated Faith Etsy Store, but I hadn’t dove into creating entries into my Bible.

Until last night…


I’ve been reading the We are Brave & Free Devotional and I was re-reading Exodus for Day 1. Versus 6:6 & 9 jumped straight out to me. My journaling Bible is ESV, but the Bible I study from is a NIV/MSG parallel version. The Message translation reads as this, 6:6  “I will rescue you from slavery. I will redeem you, intervening with great acts of judgment.” & 6:9 “But when Moses delivered this message to the Israelites, they didn’t even hear him—they were that beaten down in spirit by the harsh slave conditions.” These verses spoke to me and I love how God’s promises remain true! Even when I am broken down in spirit I can know that God will still rescue and redeem me! How amazing is our God?!?

There are so many process videos posted on the Illustrated Faith blog and I used many techniques I saw there. (The paint, stamping, stickers, tracing the stickers, washi, and even a little stitching). I’ll admit there were a lot of nerves when I started this entry, but once I had paint on the paper it all flowed so easily.


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